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Why is visual marketing so important?

Visual marketing is a strategy that is effective, compelling and engaging. Humans are visual communicators, and image-based platforms are growing in popularity over more text-heavy sites. Visuals can serve as a signal of trust as consumers are drawn to high-quality images and videos that are thoughtfully designed by a real person.

The Statistics:

Visual content facts and figures

Types of Visual Marketing

1. Infographics As visual beings, we can process an image 60,000 faster than text, so infographics are excellent tools for conveying a complex message in an exciting and digestible way. Whether it’s providing a brief summary of a topic or presenting research findings or statistics, it is key that the colours, design, and layout work effectively together to convey the message in one image.


2. Videos
Videos are able to level-up and enhance your marketing strategy. From useful tutorials and product videos to compelling brand films and live streams, company’s can use high-quality videos to showcase their services, culture, and brand in unique ways, whilst also building trust with the consumer.

Other types of video marketing:

– Educational videos
– Company Culture
– Testimonials/Reviews
– Personalised videos
– 360 Degree Video

3. Visual Search Image focused platforms such as Instagram & Pinterest continue to grow rapidly in popularity, proving that people prefer visual content over plain text alone.

Brands such as Pinterest, Asos and Google now use visual search technology so that you can take a snap of an item you’re interested in and search for similar items. This is becoming increasingly popular amongst brands and users.

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A picture is worth a thousand words and visual marketing plays an important role in business strategy, helping to grow brand awareness by allowing the consumer to engage with more versatile and exciting content that is visually pleasing and faster to process than plain text alone.

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