The Shopli brand goes live!

2020 has seen a real turn in our shopping habits. In a time where shopping locally has become more desirable for many reasons from being one with your community to boosting the economy, consumers increasingly want to support local businesses.

Shopli approached us at Studiovine with a clear idea in mind which needed direction, designing and developing. The brief was to create a responsive web platform for independent business owners to promote themselves through certified listings. Shopli’s mission is to support local and independent businesses by connecting them with their communities.

Studiovine collaborated closely with the Shopli team. Firstly, in support of their ‘support local’ motto, the Shopli team created their own logo by hand. From there, Studiovine refined the visual identity and cohesively brought the branding to life by creating posters, leaflets, window vinyls, banners, stationery and social media posts to help equip Shopli with all the media they needed for launch and beyond.

For the launch campaign our creative team spearheaded the slogan ‘Just around the corner’ to further enhance the ‘shop local, shop independent’ messaging of the new brand.

On behalf of Shopli we thank the team at Studiovine for taking our vision and putting it into a brand we can be proud of. The whole team has been stupendous leading up to the launch and we look forward to working with you ongoing as our partner agency in future.
Mike Davies-Stoller

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