Quinn Clinics gets a new visual identity

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Quinn Clinics was established in 2006 by Dr. John Quinn, and are proudly Bristol’s only independent Doctor-led skin clinic registered with the CQC. In 2018 they carried out over 4,000 cosmetic procedures alone.

Recently appointed Marketing & Development Manager, Nikki Owen was tasked with working on the company’s overall branding and corporate image to make sure it sat consistent and in-line with the high levels of service they give to clients. After consulting with a few local Bristol design agencies, Nikki commissioned Studiovine to produce a new visual identity for the company and to work on a brand strategy.

It was soon clear to us that Quinn Clinics has an impeccable reputation, and it was the visual identity that needed to be freshened to give it more of a purpose and to strengthen the Quinn brand.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and got stuck in. The first task was to find a strapline that was in line with their values and we came up with ‘Quinntessential’. Quintessential represents the perfect example of a class or quality, and we added an additional ‘n’ to mimic the name Quinn, and there you have it Quinntessential.

Having the strap-line confirmed we then worked on the logo. We wanted to create a logo that brings together different elements of their business.


By bringing these 3 elements together, you get a clear Q and C, which form the basis of their new logo which could also be used for other supporting elements.

We have a strapline and a logo we now need to add some colour. We choose the primary colour of green, the colour of life, nature, energy, also associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment – which is everything Quinn Clinics is or represents.

We needed to then research a supporting font, and we choose Effra. Effra is a sans-serif typeface designed by Fabio Luiz Haag and Jonas Schudel. It was released through Dalton Maag in 2008. Effra has grotesque characteristics mixed with humanist design details which gives it a unique and distinctive appearance and is a perfect fit for the Quinn Clinic brand.

Quinn Clinics now have a brand identity that represents the business with a purpose and shows strength in the industry. Now we have completed the visual identity we have been working with Quinn Clinics on a brand strategy and were commissioned to produce a new website due to the strengths of our work and expert knowledge on web design.

Nikki had this to say “The whole Studiovine team I’ve been involved with have been incredibly helpful, understanding, patient and above all – professional throughout the entire process. I look forward to continuing our working relationship going forward and can’t wait to see the developments as they happen! Thank you.”

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