Design Process

A Dedicated Team 

We are committed to you and your project. We move your project through four tried and tested stages: discovery, definition, design and delivery which allows us to do thorough research, experiment with concepts & design with purpose.

Step 1


This is where we find out all about your business and what makes your customers tick.

We'll run an audit of everything you've got at the moment.

Design Process
Design Process

Step 2


This is where dreams are made, an ideas session based on your brief.

Creation of concepts, using inspiration, exploration, explanation and application.

Step 3


This is where we get our hands dirty developing your designs.

We'll always deliver what we say we will, when we say we will.

Design Process
Design Process

Step 4


The all-important sign off stage (and breathe!)

Now we can prepare your final versions or set the project live. But, we're not ready to say goodbye yet, our team will schedule in a meeting to catch up with how things went.

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