How relevant is your website?

Keeping your website relevant is arguably one of the most difficult tasks for online retailers, bloggers, and business owners. There are around 574,200 new websites added to the internet every single day. This means that website owners are fighting a constant battle to retain relevancy in a somewhat crowded market.

In this article, we will look at the necessary steps you can take to keep your website relevant and ensure that your content is working for you, not against you.

Know your target audience
It seems so simple a phrase to use, but time and time again we see websites fall off the map because they truly don’t know who they are aiming to reach. It is imperative for businesses and website managers, therefore, to know who is looking at their content, why they are looking at their content, and what they hope to sell to them.

Worry not – it’s a very simple process and we will break it down into manageable points.

  1. Is the style of the website suited to your branding and potential customers?
  2. Is the content of your website optimised to reach the right clientele?
  3. Is your content simple and easy to access for your customer base?

As an example, imagine you run an architectural firm. You design a website with building blocks and teddy bears as your theme – is this suitable for your desired clientele? Probably not. You would be looking to impress your customers with a chic and stylised website that’s reflective of the service you provide, perhaps with a minimalistic design and a simple, but elegant backdrop, remember, we consume with our eyes, not just our mouths.

The importance of SEO
Simply put, SEO is the ability to optimise your content so that it appears more frequently in searches. There are many facets with regards to SEO optimisation and it can be somewhat endless in its bounds.

To keep it simple, you may need to focus on creating content for your website which ranks high on search engines using carefully selected broad keywords, long-tail keywords, and images placed carefully throughout your content.

Having an SEO-optimised website can lead to huge influxes of leads, giving you better search results and more overall business in the long run. Make sure you keep on top of it with regularly updated, content-rich posts and articles to make the most of your web content for maximum outreach.

Cross-platform use
It’s hard to believe that only ten years ago we couldn’t view some websites on our mobile phones. Today, smartphones and tablet devices are the most commonly used way of viewing websites.

It’s worth investing some time in making the switch between desktop and laptop to the mobile device a smooth one. Customers are more likely to view a website on their mobile device first before jumping onto a traditional desktop setup. Therefore, ensuring that your website flows seamlessly across all platforms is a fantastic step towards ensuring your website maintains its relevancy.

In summary
It can be a strenuous task, constantly updating your websites to maintain a relevant standing in the ever-shifting sands of online business marketing. The points above will help you move forward with this. However, if you are finding it too difficult or find that you are short of time, then working with Studiovine could be an amazing way to save time.


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